Christian Active Parenting Description

Christian Active Parenting is a video-based education program targeted to parents of 2-12 year-olds who want to improve their parenting skills. It is based on the application of Adlerian parenting theory, which is defined by mutual respect among family members within a democratic Christian run family. The program teaches parents how to raise a child in today’s society by using encouragement, building the child's self-esteem, and creating a relationship with the child based upon active listening, effective communication, and problem solving. It also teaches parents to use natural and logical consequences and other positive discipline skills to reduce irresponsible and unacceptable behaviors.

Christian Active Parenting is conducted in one 2.5-hour class per week for 6 weeks. The program features videos that contains vignettes of a variety of typical family situations depicted by professional actors. Each scene provides an example of how an autocratic or permissive parenting technique fails to handle a situation and then models the alternative democratic (or "active") skills. The Parent's Guide contains all the information covered in Christian Active Parenting, giving parents their first exposure to the information and skills they will be learning. It also includes additional reading material, practice activities, and homework assignments that provide information and opportunities to practice using the skills.