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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Will the carpeting in our current building Crossroads and hallway get replaced as part of the new construction?  It is so stained that it will never come clean!
Although the new construction budget (Forward in Faith) does not accommodate any improvements to our existing building, the Property Team has a generous donor that has offered to replace the hallway and Crossroads carpet.  The same Carpet Planks that will be used in the new addition's hallways will also be used in our current building's hallway and Crossroads.  This will make for a seamless and contiguous look between the addition and our current building. However, the installation in our current building's hallways and Crossroads will NOT be until construction of the addition has been completed, so that the Property Team's carpet planks will not be dirtied by all of the construction traffic caused during the construction process.

Communication is essential to the success of our mission. Transparency is our goal. Questions or comments? Please use our Building Team Contact Form or fill out the card by the suggestion box in the Narthex/Crossroads so we can address your questions or comments.