SOTP Building Team
Weekly Construction Progress Report

Construction Progress Week 37 & 38, April 27, 2018

  • Welcome Center veneer wall is complete
  • Solid surface tops installed
  • Site Work grading complete. Proof roll PASSED!
  • Lighting programmed, waiting on trims to finish light fixtures
  • Grilles in Worship Space were taped and prepped
  • Fabric panels for sound chamber were finished and picked up from Woodstock.
  • Flooring prep for joints in concrete is finished by Futures Flooring
  • Installed Hollow metal exterior doors, misc hardware
  • Restrooms completed
  • Fire Alarm devices have been installed, programming to follow

Looking Ahead:

  • Plote pours concrete for parking lot curbs
  • Backfill parking lot curb
  • Install Lamp posts in parking lot
  • Test and Balance HVAC system
  • Install 20 organ speakers, cross, and fabric altar panels
  • Finish base building jambs, trim, and wood beams
  • Finish downspouts
  • Install shared gathering space/worship space windows & SE vestibule doors

Construction Progress Week 36, April 13, 2018

  • Serving Area (Coffee Bar) wall installed
  • Wood Doors delivered.
  • HVAC test and balance.
  • Sound Booth was carpeted to aid the install of the audio equipment
  • Ceiling Tile installed in in office area.
  • Installing Gathering Space track lights and pendants.

Looking Ahead:

  • AV installation continues.
  • Install welcome center veneer.
  • Install floor heaters.
  • Begin installing doors.
  • Finish coffee bar and Welcome Center Corian counter top install.
  • Install sinks in bathroom Corian countertops.
  • Install Sanctuary pendants.

Construction Progress Week 35, April 6, 2018

  • Casework and trim installation continues.
  • Above ceiling inspection by the Village of Huntley was completed. The office area above ceiling will be next week.
  • Ceiling install will begin Friday April 6th.
  • Painting is complete. Painter will return later for any touch-up work.
  • Sprinkler piping is complete and tested. The system is now live in the addition.
  • Electrician is now working on site lighting.

Looking Ahead:

  • Site Grading to continue weather permitting. NO SNOW PLEASE!!!!
  • Counter tops and door jamb installation.
  • HVAC test and balance.
  • Carpet sound booth area only for the installation of sound equipment.
  • AV installation continues.
  • Ceiling tile in office area.

Construction Progress Week 34, March 30, 2018

  • Complete Painting of offices.
  • Nearly complete installation of grid ceiling in offices.
  • Continue casework and trim.
  • Hard Metal door installation for Little Lambs classroom.
  • Toilet and urinal installation.
  • Toilet partition installation.
  • Complete sanding and taping.
  • Begin sitework and surveying in parking lot.
  • Installation of worship space speakers and gathering space speakers.
  • Began running data cable routes throughout.
  • Complete installation of VCT surrounding drains in bathrooms.

Looking Ahead:

  • Complete ceiling grid in offices.
  • Trim electrical, sprinkler, HVAC and data in offices.
  • Continue casework and trim.
  • Continue surveying and sitework (pending weather conditions).
  • Above ceiling inspection for addition and offices area.
  • Begin balancing of RTUs pending.

Construction Progress Week 33, March 23, 2018

  • Began taping, mudding and sanding miscellaneous areas.
  • Finish drywall in offices and begin mud, taping and sanding.
  • Paint Worship Space.
  • Finish light fixture and HVAC trim install in ceiling grid.
  • Complete stone on main altar.
  • Aim for Above ceiling inspection in base bid portion of building.
  • Begin installing door/window jams, baseboard trim, and casework.

Looking Ahead:

  • Complete painting of offices.
  • Install grid ceiling in offices.
  • Continue casework and trim.
  • Hollow Metal door installation, including Little Lambs door!
  • Toilet and urinal installation.
  • Toilet partition installation.
  • Complete sanding and taping.
  • Begin sitework and surveying in parking lot

Construction Progress Week 32, March 16, 2018

  • Caulking and painting of exterior siding and trim is nearly complete.
  • Sheet metal portion of roof system complete, with roofing system to be at 100% at first half of next week.
  • Soffit panels in South and Southeast vestibule entryways has been completed.
  • Sanding and taping of worship space has been completed!
  • Gathering Space, corridors, and north wall of worship space painting began. Priming of ceiling nearly complete.
  • All stone laid and complete on east side of worship space/clerestory. 60% complete with final stone buildout on the altar.
  • Ceiling grid completed in all base bid areas, only offices require ceiling grid. Border tiles also installed in most areas.
  • Electrical feeders for main power pulled, and light fixture installation in ceiling grid began.
  • HVAC trim installation in ceiling grid began.
  • Sprinkler head installation began in ceiling grid.

Looking Ahead:

  • Finish caulking and painting of exterior siding and trim.
  • Begin taping, mudding and sanding miscellaneous areas.
  • Finish drywall in offices and begin mud, taping and sanding.
  • Paint Worship Space.
  • Finish light fixture and HVAC trim install in ceiling grid.
  • Complete stone on main altar.
  • Aim for Above ceiling inspection in base bid portion of building.
  • Begin installing door/window jambs, baseboard trim, and casework.

Construction Progress Week 31, March 9, 2018

  • Completed drywall taping in Worship Space.
  • Continued painting.
  • Began gridwork for ACT.
  • Sound Planning ran cabling for A/V devices.
  • Office area framed out.
  • Electrical rough-in for office suite started.
  • Interior stone delivered and acclimating to interior climate.

Looking Ahead:

  • Finish caulking siding and trim on exterior.
  • Finish taping in Worship Space.
  • Continue Painting in Worship Space.
  • Continue ceiling grid.
  • Trim MEP to ceiling grid.
  • Begin stone work near Tower.
  • Complete drywall and begin taping in office suite.

Construction Progress Week 30, March 2, 2018

  • Finished exterior siding and trim. Will begin caulking next week to finish on carpentry side of things.
  • Began painting. Painted Corridors and restrooms. Began painting in Gathering Space.
  • Stone was delivered for interior stone accents. Stone will need up to 1 week to acclimate.
  • Continued taping and sanding Worship Space. Finished all roofing areas but the Tower. No Leaks found this week!!!
  • Framing delivered for office area build out.
  • Began electrical rough-in for office area.
  • Began sprinkler routes for office area.
  • Began ceiling grid in restrooms and storage area.

Looking Ahead:

  • Will finish up caulking exterior of building on siding and trim.
  • Complete and finish Tower roof system.
  • Aim to finish taping and sanding of worship space.
  • Finish Gathering Space painting.
  • Begin stone accents on Tower Doorway.
  • Ceiling Grid in corridors and Gathering Space.
  • Begin sprinkler head installations in ceiling grid.

Construction Progress Week 29, February 23, 2018

  • Finished main areas of drywall in Worship Space.
  • Finished taping and sanding in gathering space and outlying areas of Worship Space.
  • Preparing for Office buildout with electrical rough-in.
  • Continued work on facia and gutter system throughout.
  • Installed framing for storefront and vestibule entrances.
  • Began priming areas outside of the Worship Space for paint.
  • Made main power connections and low voltage connections to RTUs.

Looking Ahead:

  • Finish drywall completely and install control joints in Worship ceiling.
  • Continue sanding and taping Worship Space.
  • Continue priming and painting in areas outside Worship Space.
  • Completion of exterior siding and trim.
  • Completion of roof and gutter system.
  • Possibly begin framing Office area.

Construction Progress Week 28, February 16, 2018

  • Worship Space West ceiling received 2nd layer of drywall. All that remains is installing drywall down the spine of the Worship Space.
  • Worship Space soffits and ceilings began getting taped and sanded.
  • Final sanding of restrooms and corridors was completed and ready for painting.
  • Southeast Vestibule storefront glazing and doors were partially installed.
  • Soffits and gutter installation continued on the East and South sides of the building.
  • Clerestory siding and trim was installed.
  • Sound Planning ran wiring for speakers, as well as cables needed between the sound booth and sacristy junction boxes.
  • Trouble and alarm wiring for RTU’s.

Looking Ahead:

  • Planning to get painters on site to begin priming rooms and corridors.
  • Continue sanding and taping Worship Space.
  • Finish drywall installation.
  • Finish Southeast Vestibule storefront, and possibly start South Vestibule storefront installation.
  • Framing and trimming of Southeast Vestibule entryway.
  • Preparing work for framing and rough-in of office alternate area.

Construction Progress Week 27, February 9, 2018

  • Taping outside of Worship Space is nearly complete, and only needs sanding to be paint-ready.
  • Fire alarm cabling has been run and is ready for panel and trim devices.
  • Began installing drywall in clerestory, light coves in Worship Space, and 1st layer of drywall on West ceiling of Worship Space.
  • Taping of speaker chamber has been completed (sanding and finish taping TBD by acoustical engineers per yesterday’s meeting)
  • The balance of stone sills for the exterior have been delivered.
  • Control panel for RTUs has been installed.
  • Installation for soffit panels on building exterior has begun.
  • Finished installation of exterior windows/glazing. Exterior calking of glazing is all that remains. A cracked window in the East side of the Tower was found to have a large crack in it from shipping. A new pane has been ordered and will be installed in the next couple of weeks.

Looking Ahead:

  • Taping of the Worship Space continues.
  • Exterior siding and trim will continue on the clerestory/east side of building.
  • Soffit panels and gutters will be installed.
  • Second layer of drywall installed on West ceiling of Worship Space will be installed.
  • Stone sills will be installed on exterior of building (pending weather)
  • Caulking/weather sealing of exterior windows/glazing.

Construction Progress Week 26, February 2, 2018

  • Began taping and sanding walls and corridors on the East side of the building
  • Completed installation of light fixtures and sprinkler heads in Worship Space
  • Passed framing and electrical inspections for the Worship Space.
  • Finished drywalling Gathering Space, corridors and east side of building
  • Began drywalling Eastern ceiling of Worship Space.
  • Continued installation of exterior siding and fascia system.
  • Began installation of gutter system.
  • Finished installation of HVAC silencers for RTUs.
  • Began final connections from RTUs to ductwork.
  • Continued glazing/window installations. Only Clerestory windows remain.
  • Finished installation of stone sills for all window openings.

Looking Ahead:

  • Complete taping and sanding in areas outside of Worship and Clerestory space.
  • Begin fire alarm wiring runs.
  • Aiming to complete drywall installation in Worship Space by end of week.
  • Begin taping in Worship Space.
  • Install remaining balance of stone sills throughout the project.
  • Continue exterior installations of siding, trim, fascia and gutter systems.

Construction Progress Week 25, January 26, 2018

  • Drywall in the Worship Space has continued, and almost has its 1st of the 2 layers complete. The 2 layers of drywall are being installed to improve and enhance the acoustics in the Worship Space.
  • Exterior siding continues to “work” its way around the building.
  • Gutter system installation has begun, starting on the South side of the addition.
  • VAV (Variable Air Volume) devices have been installed in the ductwork throughout the addition.
  • Nearly all ductwork has been insulated.
  • The RTU silencers have been installed into the ductwork, and are ready for final connection to the RTUs.
  • Approximately 60% of the lighting fixtures have been installed and wired in the ceiling of the worship space.

Looking Ahead:

  • Continue insulation of windows.
  • Stone sills should arrive for installation by the mason.
  • Taping of the drywall will begin.
  • Completion of the lighting fixtures in the Worship Space.
  • Inspection and approval of framing and electrical in Worship Space.
  • Begin drywall of Ceiling in Worship Space.

Construction Progress Week 24, January 19, 2018

  • Finished drywalling corridors, restrooms, and gathering space.
  • Completed insulation of plumbing and pressurization of the water lines.
  • Completed all electrical work in walls and soffits of the Worship Space.
  • Passed framing, electrical, and insulation inspections for the walls and soffits of the Worship Space.
  • Began installing facia system on exterior of building.
  • Continued installing siding and trim on exterior of building.
  • Installed VAV (variable air volume) units throughout space.
  • Insulating HVAC ductwork throughout the space.
  • Installed several more windows in clerestory.
  • Just Rite Acoustics stopped by to field verify measurements of acoustical panels.
  • Installed Power Exhaust Units onto RTUs.

Looking Ahead:

  • Drywall will continue through Worship Space.
  • Began taping and sanding walls to prepare for paintable finish in corridor, restrooms and Gathering Area.
  • Install several more windows if weather permits.
  • Continue siding, trim, facia and gutter work if weather permits.
  • Begin installing light fixtures in Worship Space ceiling.

Construction Progress Week 23, January 12, 2018

Weekly Construction
  • Drywall began this week; bathrooms, main corridor and Gathering Space are being completed
  • Exterior siding and trim began this week, focus has been on the South face of building.
  • Residential windows, that match the existing building’s windows, were installed on the South side.
  • Insulation of all exterior walls of the building was completed this week.
  • Fire sprinkler main lines were pressure tested and…PASSED INSPECTION!
  • Electrical rough-in continues to be done in the sanctuary.

Looking Ahead:

  • Drywall will continue through Gathering Space and finishing of drywall throughout
  • Siding and trim to begin wrapping around corner of building.
  • Facia and roof sheet metal work to begin next week.
  • Glazing and windows to be installed in clerestory (!) and North face of worship space.
  • Electrical to begin installing recessed can lighting throughout sanctuary and finish rough-in of electrical in walls of entire space.

Construction Progress Week 22, January 5, 2018

Weekly Construction
  • JC Harris Finished framing inside the church.
  • Windows did not get installed this week; TOO COLD!
  • Sprinkler fitter continues to install the system.
  • Carey Electric continues to rough in and pull wires.
  • Connected gas pipes to rooftop units, and continuing to run ductwork and plumbing in church
  • Drywall was delivered to begin installation on Monday.
  • PASSED VILLAGE INSPECTION for everything but the worship center.
  • Exterior siding of the building was delivered for installation to begin next week.

Looking Ahead:

  • Drywall will begin in all areas but worship center.
  • Start exterior siding and trim.
  • Continue electric and sprinkler rough-in.
  • Continue ductwork rough-in.
  • Resuming window installations with nicer weather.

Construction Progress Week 21, December 29, 2017

  • Electrician piping for lighting, pulling wire, setting cans in soffits and putting rings on boxes
  • Windows did not get installed this week; TOO COLD!
  • HVAC continues to install ductwork, insulators following behind them. The main HVAC units were set on their pads on Thursday. Welcome RTU #s 1, 2, & 3!!!
  • Sprinkler fitter has installed most of the system and has to wait for other trades to finish
  • Plumber has his insulator insulating pipes as his rough in is substantially complete and PASSED INSPECTION!
  • JC Harris continues framing in the worship area completing the east and west soffits, framing the sacristy and sound chamber and light coves in the ceiling
  • The insulators were here Friday to insulate the exterior walls that are ready

Looking Ahead:

  • Windows will continue to be installed IF weather improves; TOO COLD!
  • Continue with electric starting to set lights in the worship area and cans in those soffits
  • HVAC will continue on ductwork and start installing boxes for the grilles in the worship
  • JC Harris should finish framing in the worship area, including the north soffit and the walls around the altar as well as the sound booth
  • Midweek inspection from the village of Huntley with drywall starting next week or beginning of the next week.

Construction Progress Week 20, December 22, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • The First Christmas Tree for our New Sanctuary is lit and adorned with Prayer and Blessing Cards by the congregation. Its nine foot height is dwarfed by our new larger sanctuary
  • Windows have begun to be installed
  • The exterior brick was acid washed
  • The flat roofs were installed
  • Framing continues in the gathering and worship areas
  • Ductwork, sprinkler pipes, and electrical pipe being installed
  • The plumbing rough is ongoing with the connection to the existing building Friday. Water shut off during that connection process

Looking Ahead:

  • Windows will continue to be installed
  • Framing in the worship area
  • Electrical piping, ductwork, and sprinkler pipe installation will continue

Construction Progress Week 19, December 15, 2017

Weekly Construction Weekly Construction
  • Masons worked on exterior brick
  • Roofers shingled and installed membrane on roof
  • Interior framing continues focusing on bathrooms and two hour fire wall
  • Layout of soffits and the sacristy
  • Electrician piped the feeds over lobby of existing church
  • Rough piping and installing tubs in electrical room
  • Plumber began installing drain pipe and the copper tubing
  • HVAC continues to install and insulate ductwork
  • Sprinkler fitter is installing his pipes for the fire protection system
  • Hanging drywall on the ceiling and walls above finished ceiling in the gathering area

Looking Ahead:

  • Sprinkler fitter will continue to install sprinkler system
  • Water will be turned off Friday in existing building to connect sprinkler system
  • Continue framing on interior
  • Finish taping the drywall that is installed
  • Windows will start Tuesday!!!!!
  • Electrician continues to rough in his pipes
  • Plumber will continue on his plumbing installation
  • HVAC will continue installing ductwork
  • Mason should finish brick work and waiting on the sill for windows and the caps for the top of the walls to be made
  • Roofer will put on ridge cap and install more membrane on the flat roofs

Construction Progress Weeks 16, 17 & 18, December 8, 2017

Weekly Construction Weekly Construction
  • Weather continues to be a problem towards completing the roof
  • Mason working on exterior brick
  • Electric roughed in
  • Duct work being installed
  • Insulating the gable walls in worship and gathering
  • Interior framing of walls
  • Temporary windows installed for winter protection
  • Roof curbing on flat roofs
  • Shingling has started above the music/education wing!!!

Looking Ahead:

  • Sprinkler fitter to start installing sprinkler system
  • Plumber to start rough plumbing
  • Electrical rough in to continue
  • Duct work installation continues
  • Drywallers start Monday on ceiling and upper walls of Gathering area
  • Continue shingling the roof
  • Interior framing of walls and soffits
  • Mason continue on outside brick

Construction Progress Week # 15, November 17, 2017

Weekly Construction Weekly Construction
  • Weather continues to be a problem towards completing the roof
  • Metal panning installation
  • Roofing material delivered
  • Exterior insulation and sheeting being installed
  • Electrical rough in

Looking Ahead:

  • Finish metal panning install
  • Finish exterior insulation and sheeting
  • Roof insulation and nailer board installation will start
  • Install new opening into existing building on east end at “Jim’s office”
  • Electrical rough in continues
  • Pour sidewalk at Manhatten, and blanket/landscape watermain work

Construction Progress Week # 14, November 10, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Exterior sheeting on metal stubs
  • Framed columns at entrances
  • Tyvek wrapped brick areas
  • Structural Steel installation complete
  • Window Blocking
  • Foam insulation and sheeting has begun at siding areas
  • Water Main looping deemed a success! Water has lost its “unique smell” (halleluiah!) and now tastes and looks crystal clear and delicious. Go ahead, Taste the water!!!!!

Looking Ahead:

  • Complete metal decking next week
  • Continue sheeting and insulating exterior of building next week
  • Insulation for the roof is being stocked Tuesday
  • Roofers will start insulation board
  • Electrical rough in continues

Construction Progress Week # 13, November 3, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Watermain installed and being tested
  • Paving on Manhattan complete
  • Storm sewer installed
  • Structural Steel installation complete
  • Rough in electric ongoing
  • Detailing trusses and starting to finish framing exterior walls

Looking Ahead:

  • Metal decking for the roof next Wednesday
  • Framing exterior walls and sheeting exterior Walls
  • Mason start up late in the week
  • Seeding and restoration of main street from water main work
  • Electric rough in

Construction Progress Week # 12, October 27, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Trusses are all set
  • Electrician laying out and piping exterior walls
  • Staging for watermain work

Looking Ahead:

  • Watermain work to begin on Monday
  • Structural steel contractor back to finish clear story tower and low roofs
  • Detailing the metal trusses and installing rake panels
  • Electrician will continue rough in

Construction Progress Week # 11, October 20, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • All concrete poured thanks to Neil Concrete! Altar, steps, and sanctuary floor all ready for our newest disciples to come and hear the Word.
  • Trusses are all delivered and spreading has begun
  • Building interior and exterior walls as well as sheeting the exterior walls
  • Began window blocking at exterior walls

Looking Ahead:

  • Trusses installation will begin next week
  • Water Main will begin late next week
  • Surveying will be completed on Monday
  • Storm Sewer will be addressed as well
  • Roof decking down by Mid November!

Construction Progress Week # 10, October 13, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Poured concrete in the music/ed wing corridor, and office corridor and bathroom areas
  • Framing and sheeting exterior walls
  • Underground electric and sound system rough in complete
  • All floor boxes are set

Looking Ahead:

  • Pouring the north end of the Worship area Monday
  • All interior floor concrete should finish next week (rain could delay)
  • Continue framing and sheeting exterior walls for roof trusses
  • Roof trusses are being delivered Tuesday (10/17/17)
  • Structural Steel contractor returns late in week to finish the tower, as well as the low roofs at entrances and east side of sanctuary

Construction Progress Week # 9: October 6, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Prayer Rocks gently planted at the front stairs leading to our new Altar!
  • Altar concrete is poured
  • Structural steel work continues
  • SOTP will construct stoop at Little Lambs north exit door

        Rain, rain go away …please!!!!

Construction Progress Week # 8: September 29, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Structural Steel contractor completed the main framework of the church, and will return to finish the low roofs and the baptismal tower.
  • Began framing walls on the east and north side of the addition
  • Underground plumbing is installed and backfilled
  • Electrician has begun to install floor boxes for the sound system

Looking Ahead:

  • Permit for waterline has been approved with watermain and storm sewer to begin next week.
  • Neil Concrete will begin pouring the slab on grade (floor) in church.
  • Continue installing underground electric and sound system
  • Continue framing on the exterior walls.

Construction Progress Week # 7: September 22, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Working on electrical piping through existing church toward addition
  • Steel erection began 9/20/17

Looking Up!!!!

Construction Progress Week # 6: September 15, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Foundation walls finished and passed backfill inspection with Village of Huntley
  • Grouted and set the setting plates for the upcoming steel
  • Spot survey and the anchor bolt survey on new addition
  • Backfilled and put gravel base down for the slab on grade
  • Electrician starting to run conduits from existing electrical room towards new addition

Construction Progress Week # 5: September 8, 2017

  • Neil Concrete finished pouring foundation walls this week
  • Began preparing for backfill of foundation walls by putting wood strip and insulation on exterior of foundation walls
  • Little Lambs started first week of pre-school, and enjoyed the convenience and safety of being able to utilize the washroom facilities through their newly installed door
  • Owner’s meeting held Thursday, 9/7/17
  • Preparing for the setting of structural steel to begin 9/15, or 9/18/17

Construction Progress Week # 4: September 1, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Poured north and some east foundation walls and the footings for THE ALTAR!
  • Working on forming the rest of the foundation walls towards a possible pour on 9/7/17
  • Coordination meeting held with Sound Planning and Shales McNutt regarding the sound system in the new Sanctuary

Construction Progress Week # 3: August 25, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Fence installed around perimeter of construction area; Safety!
  • Concrete poured for exterior footings; 78 yards!
  • Interior walls begin to have concrete poured
  • Little Lambs classroom has exterior door installed to allow access to the playground
  • Little Lambs classroom has interior door installed to ladies bathroom for use by the Little Lambs children
  • Little Lambs classroom has one of the two hallway doors walled (west)
  • First Day of Little Lambs? Sept. 5th. All work to be completed by opening date

Construction Progress Week # 2: August 18, 2017

Weekly Construction Weekly Construction
  • Gates established on east and west entrances for sub-contractors
  • Preparation for concrete continues
  • Neil Concrete busy setting forms
  • Stark’s initial excavation complete and will be back next week to backfill
  • Additional Rock brought in to provide a solid foundation…

“On Christ the Solid Rock We Stand”

Construction Progress Week # 1: August 11, 2017

  • Sidewalk removed on east side of building
  • East building entrance/exit closed and to be used for emergency only
  • Bench by playground removed
  • Pin Oak tree that was on east side by bench replanted on north end
  • Stark begins digging trenches in preparation for concrete