SOTP Building Team
Weekly Construction Progress Report

Construction Progress Week # 14, November 10, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Exterior sheeting on metal stubs
  • Framed columns at entrances
  • Tyvek wrapped brick areas
  • Structural Steel installation complete
  • Window Blocking
  • Foam insulation and sheeting has begun at siding areas
  • Water Main looping deemed a success! Water has lost its “unique smell” (halleluiah!) and now tastes and looks crystal clear and delicious. Go ahead, Taste the water!!!!!

Looking Ahead:

  • Complete metal decking next week
  • Continue sheeting and insulating exterior of building next week
  • Insulation for the roof is being stocked Tuesday
  • Roofers will start insulation board
  • Electrical rough in continues

Construction Progress Week # 13, November 3, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Watermain installed and being tested
  • Paving on Manhattan complete
  • Storm sewer installed
  • Structural Steel installation complete
  • Rough in electric ongoing
  • Detailing trusses and starting to finish framing exterior walls

Looking Ahead:

  • Metal decking for the roof next Wednesday
  • Framing exterior walls and sheeting exterior Walls
  • Mason start up late in the week
  • Seeding and restoration of main street from water main work
  • Electric rough in

Construction Progress Week # 12, October 27, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Trusses are all set
  • Electrician laying out and piping exterior walls
  • Staging for watermain work

Looking Ahead:

  • Watermain work to begin on Monday
  • Structural steel contractor back to finish clear story tower and low roofs
  • Detailing the metal trusses and installing rake panels
  • Electrician will continue rough in

Construction Progress Week # 11, October 20, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • All concrete poured thanks to Neil Concrete! Altar, steps, and sanctuary floor all ready for our newest disciples to come and hear the Word.
  • Trusses are all delivered and spreading has begun
  • Building interior and exterior walls as well as sheeting the exterior walls
  • Began window blocking at exterior walls

Looking Ahead:

  • Trusses installation will begin next week
  • Water Main will begin late next week
  • Surveying will be completed on Monday
  • Storm Sewer will be addressed as well
  • Roof decking down by Mid November!

Construction Progress Week # 10, October 13, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Poured concrete in the music/ed wing corridor, and office corridor and bathroom areas
  • Framing and sheeting exterior walls
  • Underground electric and sound system rough in complete
  • All floor boxes are set

Looking Ahead:

  • Pouring the north end of the Worship area Monday
  • All interior floor concrete should finish next week (rain could delay)
  • Continue framing and sheeting exterior walls for roof trusses
  • Roof trusses are being delivered Tuesday (10/17/17)
  • Structural Steel contractor returns late in week to finish the tower, as well as the low roofs at entrances and east side of sanctuary

Construction Progress Week # 9: October 6, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Prayer Rocks gently planted at the front stairs leading to our new Altar!
  • Altar concrete is poured
  • Structural steel work continues
  • SOTP will construct stoop at Little Lambs north exit door

        Rain, rain go away …please!!!!

Construction Progress Week # 8: September 29, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Structural Steel contractor completed the main framework of the church, and will return to finish the low roofs and the baptismal tower.
  • Began framing walls on the east and north side of the addition
  • Underground plumbing is installed and backfilled
  • Electrician has begun to install floor boxes for the sound system

Looking Ahead:

  • Permit for waterline has been approved with watermain and storm sewer to begin next week.
  • Neil Concrete will begin pouring the slab on grade (floor) in church.
  • Continue installing underground electric and sound system
  • Continue framing on the exterior walls.

Construction Progress Week # 7: September 22, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Working on electrical piping through existing church toward addition
  • Steel erection began 9/20/17

Looking Up!!!!

Construction Progress Week # 6: September 15, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Foundation walls finished and passed backfill inspection with Village of Huntley
  • Grouted and set the setting plates for the upcoming steel
  • Spot survey and the anchor bolt survey on new addition
  • Backfilled and put gravel base down for the slab on grade
  • Electrician starting to run conduits from existing electrical room towards new addition

Construction Progress Week # 5: September 8, 2017

  • Neil Concrete finished pouring foundation walls this week
  • Began preparing for backfill of foundation walls by putting wood strip and insulation on exterior of foundation walls
  • Little Lambs started first week of pre-school, and enjoyed the convenience and safety of being able to utilize the washroom facilities through their newly installed door
  • Owner’s meeting held Thursday, 9/7/17
  • Preparing for the setting of structural steel to begin 9/15, or 9/18/17

Construction Progress Week # 4: September 1, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Poured north and some east foundation walls and the footings for THE ALTAR!
  • Working on forming the rest of the foundation walls towards a possible pour on 9/7/17
  • Coordination meeting held with Sound Planning and Shales McNutt regarding the sound system in the new Sanctuary

Construction Progress Week # 3: August 25, 2017

Weekly Construction
  • Fence installed around perimeter of construction area; Safety!
  • Concrete poured for exterior footings; 78 yards!
  • Interior walls begin to have concrete poured
  • Little Lambs classroom has exterior door installed to allow access to the playground
  • Little Lambs classroom has interior door installed to ladies bathroom for use by the Little Lambs children
  • Little Lambs classroom has one of the two hallway doors walled (west)
  • First Day of Little Lambs? Sept. 5th. All work to be completed by opening date

Construction Progress Week # 2: August 18, 2017

Weekly Construction Weekly Construction
  • Gates established on east and west entrances for sub-contractors
  • Preparation for concrete continues
  • Neil Concrete busy setting forms
  • Stark’s initial excavation complete and will be back next week to backfill
  • Additional Rock brought in to provide a solid foundation…

“On Christ the Solid Rock We Stand”

Construction Progress Week # 1: August 11, 2017

  • Sidewalk removed on east side of building
  • East building entrance/exit closed and to be used for emergency only
  • Bench by playground removed
  • Pin Oak tree that was on east side by bench replanted on north end
  • Stark begins digging trenches in preparation for concrete