July 14, 2017
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We encourage you to read the Bible stories for this upcoming Sunday
Romans 8:1-11; Psalm 65:1-13; Matthew 9:35-38
in preparation for worship.

Just A Thought...

Most of us at one time have found ourselves asked to serve on either a church committee, a community service project, or have been asked to volunteer on one of the countless charity drives that needs neighborhood coverage, right?

I have, and it takes my memory back to when I was in high school and the summers spent working at a local care center mowing grass and trimming. I was always a good day when I got to ride the old Farmall Tractor. There were (most) days however when I was on the trim detail and would carry around a weed wacker all day trimming the grass around the property.

I remember, at times, that we would have an insufficient number of workers because some never bothered to show up. This left the remaining few to bear the heat of the day for a longer time (of course me always with the weed wacker).

Equally frustrating were those “workers” that spent a great deal of time talking or goofing off.

They were capable of the work, but their desire and effort fell short of what the rest of us expected from them.

Is that any different than what this weekend’s lesson in the Gospel reading for this week from Matthew 9 is all about? I don’t think so.

Many of us are capable of doing more work for God’s harvest than what we have exhibited.

We all probably know many people with whom we have neglected to share our faith.

It’s not that they’re a hopeless case but probably because we have never taken the time to invite them to our church, into our homes, or even to greet them on the street. We probably never lifted a finger either when they needed help.

Perhaps in our propensity to prejudge we didn’t consider them much of a promising crop, but more like a thistle or a stalk of ragweed. Who then, is going to bring these people into Christ’s presence if we are not willing to make an effort?

In the spring the farmers plant the seed.

But if the crop is to survive, it will be by his efforts to do what is required to bring it to fruition, and of course, the weather will play a big part.

In our case, we believers, despite the lack of willingness to intentionally approach another human being about the Good News, should somehow lay the groundwork so that another may plant a seed. Then hopefully, another, to come along to nourish and encourage the growth of that person into a life with Christ. Working together and never taking our eyes from this vast field, we can help bring in the harvest.

We are in the middle of summer. Did you do any spring planting? Are you currently nurturing new growth? What are your plans for this fall? We are commanded to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, so let’s get out in the field and show that Christ is in our life and can be in our neighbors as well. We just need to show up for work with a compassionate heart.

Pastor Mark


If you don’t mind and would like to continue sharing God’s love with a child with a life threatening illness, we encourage you to take a look at the Send Kids the World website (www.sendkidstheworld.com). It's a very informative web site with many children listed.

It truly only takes a couple minutes to write a postcard that ultimately does God’s work with your hands making a sick child happy and also helps reduce the parent’s stress. Receiving postcards definitely touches their hearts.

If you would like to send postcards to children but don’t have any at home, we can easily provide postcards to you. We still have some left over that were donated to GEMS at SOTP. Just let Barb Pagano bobbipgolf@aol.com (phone: 815-258-6854) or Sharon Stangle stangle.ds@gmail.com (224-628-2107) know.

WHAT TO WRITE: Write a cheerful note to the child. Example, tell about the picture on the front of the postcard. Or just “Greetings from…” Simple is best. Do NOT write get well soon because some of the kids will not get well. You want to cheer them up, not hurt them. Another great alternative is to write one of your favorite bible verses. Example: “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 24.” Have fun sending postcards!

This is a great way to share God’s love for one another. As Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind and compassionate to one another.”

Beginning July 11th, you are invited to the adult education room at 10:00 am. This is an opportunity to get together to discuss some of those things that sometimes people don’t take the time to think about.

  • How your will or funeral service could be a STATEMENT OF FAITH?
  • Is your will or your trust current?
  • If you have a baby, do you have a will? Could baptismal sponsors also serve as legal guardians?
  • Do you know what FIVE WISHES refers to?
  • If you would die suddenly, who has PASSWORDS to all your online programs?
  • Have you talked with loved ones about organ donation or your feelings about a DNR?

We’ll invite some folks in to talk about special areas of conversation that might arise.

SECOND TUESDAY is going to be held the SECOND TUESDAY of each month at 10:00 am.

Questions? Contact Curt Gerald at curtgerald61@gmail.com

You are invited to serve at FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN Saturday, July 22 from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at FMSC, 1072 National Parkway, Schaumburg. EVERYONE is invited!!!!!!!!!! We have committed 40 spots and would love some help. Come on out for a fun filled two hours! There are different tasks available, including sitting jobs. This is a great way to volunteer as a family, children are welcome!

Contact: Jill Brown (847-683-5027, jillbrown14@yahoo.com) or register online here.

Christmas Ornament

What is it you ask? Your Reformation Committee is offering beautiful Christmas ornaments from Hungary which celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses and the start of the Lutheran Church. The ornament is decorated with the Luther Rose and the dates 1517 and 2017. This ornament will be available only on July 22 and 23. We were able to get 125 of them from Bronner’s in Michigan.

The cost of the ornament is $15 with all proceeds going to LSSI. LSSI is the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois transforming lives for 150 years (1867 – 2017). It is a nonprofit social service organization of the three Illinois synods of the Evangelical Lutheran church. It is the largest statewide social service provider serving over 70,000 across Illinois in 2016!!! It serves children and families with adoption, foster care, head start, and residential help. It helps individuals with alcohol/drug treatments, detox, and group homes. Mental health services offer counseling, welcoming center, building family foundations, case management for mental illness. There is also a Prisoner and Family ministry component. Seniors have options for care, support, and residential options. Remember that 70,000 people were helped last year by LSSI. Due to the Illinois budget crisis, this organization is struggling to meet the increasing need.

Let’s celebrate the Reformation and LSSI’s work. Buy a beautiful ornament during Christmas in July.

Not only will you have a beautiful ornament to cherish for another 500 years but you will be helping LSSI continue to serve the needy in our community.

Maker Fun Factory Imagine a world where curious kids become hands-on inventors who discover they're lovingly crafted by God. Join us for Maker Fun Factory Vacation Bible School! Register your kids today and/or sign up to volunteer as a leader or helper.

If you have been worshiping with us and would like to know more about us as a worshiping community, we would love to have you join us at our New Member Gathering on Sunday, August 13th from 3:00-5:30 pm. This will be an opportunity for you to learn more about the life and ministry of SOTP and for you to consider prayerfully whether or not you want to formally become a member of the SOTP family.

We will welcome new members on the following weekend. If you have any questions, please contact either Pastor Mark or Donna Kelly through the church office.

Church Picnic

Annual Church Picnic
Sunday, August 20
Deicke Park
(Following Second Service)
Fun For All Ages!

Sign up here.


Root ‘Bier’ Floats with Katie Luther!!
Sunday, August 27, 2:30-4:30 p.m.

The Reformation Committee invites you to wet your whistle with root ‘bier’ floats while you learn about the woman behind the man: Katie Luther.

Judy Engebretson, a member of Bethany Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake, IL, where she has taught catechism for years, is a retired schoolteacher who has traveled the world. Judy enjoys researching and presenting dramatic and informative enactments of historical women and will become Katie Luther for us on August 27th. About Katie she says, “Katherina Von Bora Luther: former nun, wife, mother, helpmate, farmer, financier, nurse—was a truly remarkable woman for her time. Sharing her life is a revealing of Martin Luther as Martin himself, for she bore his children, nursed his illnesses, provided food and shelter for all their visitors, ran Lutherhaus the many times he traveled, worked the farm, and supported and loved Martin Luther throughout their marriage. Her life is also a vital presence in the Reformation years and during Luther’s dangerous times.”

Come join us for the fun and hear and learn about Katie Luther!

Interested? Download an applicaton form and bring it into our office or send your resume to jobs@sotpmail.com.

We are now accepting registrations for the 2017-2018 school year.

Our program is Bible-story-based and includes developmentally appropriate structured time (craft, music, calendar, learning activities, etc.), as well as free play. We have programs for children who will be between the ages of 2 - 4 by September 1, 2017. Children do not need to be potty-trained. Our class sizes are small (not more than 10 children in the 1 day classes on Wednesdays or 12 in the 2 day classes on Tuesday and Thursday). Children are welcome to attend classes 1, 2 or 3 days.


Classes meet from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Our classes are open to members and non-members of SOTP.

For more information please contact Jill Gillming at LittleLambs@sotpmail.com or click here for a registration form.

Church Videos

Pastor Mark's Sermons

July 9

Pastor Mark's Children's Messages

July 9


We have all heard that it takes a village to raise a child. At SOTP, we are blessed with extended family. There are retired teachers and other adults that want to help give your child another view on their lessons in school. School is teaching them, parents can put another spin on it…. But sometimes it takes just one more person believing in them…. And putting things into a new perspective to watch them fly.


We are seeking students that need a little extra help. If you have a child that would benefit from a one-on-one tutoring program please fill out the student form at the link below. This is for all developmental levels. Advanced and regular classes. Everyone needs another perspective.

If you are interested in tutoring our students or if you want to receive tutoring as a student, please fill out our online SOTP Tutor and Student Registration Form


We are seeking adults and students that want to help encourage, explain and just help make sense out of what a student just needs help understanding.

Document Assemblers


Newsletter Assemblers meet once a month on Friday (usually towards the end of the month) to assemble and prepare the church newsletter for mailing. Four volunteers are needed and they meet in the church office. This vital ministry takes about one hour.


Every Friday morning the Sunday Bulletin is assembled at the church office,. There are usually two to three volunteers and requires about one and one-half hours of time. This ministry is an easy ministry to do and usually entails helping once a month.

If you would like to volunteer for either of these important jobs, please signup online here.
Coffee Fellowship


Saturday Night Coffee Makers are needed for only ONCE a month for about five months. This will only be while two of the regulars are in Florida. It only takes about ten minutes to fill two pots, set out cups, etc. for Sunday Morning. That is all that has to be done. Please call me, Barb Hoppensteadt, 847-669-0016. I will show you what has to be set out.


The Sunday Morning Coffee Fellowship is in need of volunteers! Sign up for a one-time event or on a regular basis, it's up to you!

What does this entail? The volunteer is simply asked to be in the kitchen on Sunday morning (9:50 until 10:40 a.m.) to set out any donated treats on the snack table along with making sure the supplies on the counter for the coffee remain stocked. If you can clean up following great but if not this can be done for you if you. The greatest part is that everything is written down for you and labeled to make it simple. That's it! Smiling and saying "Good Morning" is optional but often appreciated. Ha!

You are not responsible for bringing treats unless you want to. This is a VERY easy, but necessary ministry. Sign up with a friend, teens sign up with a parent, or make it a group or family activity. Everyone is welcome!

If you would like to volunteer or for more information please sign up in the Crossroads (bulletin board to the west of the main doors on the wall) or contact Shannon Ross at shannin888@yahoo.com or text/call at 815-751-2637. Thank you in advance!

Grafton Food Pantry

We need volunteers to assist at Grafton Food Pantry. In addition to regular pantry hours, volunteers are needed on Monday, Tuesday and every other Thursday morning 8:30-10:30 a.m.

A volunteer application may be downloaded from the website at graftonfoodpantry.org or e-mail Kathy at shneiter@mc.net. If you prefer, call us at the pantry: 847-495-0922.

Food Pantry Sunday Help at church

This is what needs to be done the first Sunday of every month:

  • 8:15-9:00 a.m.--collect food out in front of the church (Plenty of time to attend the 9:00 am service since you will be volunteering during the 10:45 a.m. service)
  • 10:15-10:45 a.m.--collect food out in front of the church
  • Just after 10:45 a.m. service starts:
    • Drive over to the Grafton Food Pantry off of Kreutzer Rd. in Huntley
    • Unload everything from the van
    • Check dates and sort items donated

Please call Alice Hallett at 815/388-8817 with questions. Online signup is available here.

Habitat for Humanity

Shepherd of the Prairie has been supporting Habitat for Humanity by providing volunteers for Habitat’s resale shop (Restore) in Elgin. If you think you would like to lend a hand, after reading the information below, please contact me.

The Restore is a re-sale shop whose proceeds support Habitat for Humanity. We provide help within the store, not at construction sites. The store is in Elgin and basically a huge warehouse type structure that caters to the building trades and homeowners. When we have worked there we have priced and stocked light bulbs, unpacked display cases and sorted window blinds into aluminum and wooden piles.

Our shifts have been for three hours, indoors, and on a date of our choosing. For four months , we have had one or two shifts each month, depending on how many sign up. If interested, contact me at 224-569-6041 or Email to carlhupert@gmail.com.

Farmers Market

The SOTP Crafters are in need of some volunteers to help with setting up, and taking down the tables and canopy on Saturday mornings. This is a great opportunity for students needing service club, NHS or silver cord hours. It is also a great opportunity for outreach and service!

If you are interested in volunteering for the Huntley Farmers Market, please click here.

If you have any questions please contact us:

Location: Town Square Huntley


What is PADs?
Public Action to Deliver Shelter (McHenry County founded 1988).This program is not government supported. Since 2009, PADs reports a 51% increase in people needing help (33% increase in homeless individuals diagnosed with mental illness 54% increase in chronically homeless and 46% increase in transitional youth).

How does SOTP help?
We make lunches and serve dinner. Preferably five volunteers are needed. Youth volunteers are welcome (depending on maturity level and if they able to sit still for one hour following directions without adult supervision). We meet at SOTP Sunday evenings at 5:45 p.m. to make lunches for the shelter, and then transport lunches (including donations) to Bethany. We serve dinner from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Jill Brown shops for supplies. This is a ministry that is allocated in our church budget.

The 4th Sunday of the Month, October through April. To sign up, use our PADS online form or contact Becky Hennessy 847-961-6050 ( k.b.hennessy@sbcglobal.net ) or Jill Brown 847-683-5027 ( jillbrown14@yahoo.com ).

We support Bethany Lutheran Church every 4th Sunday at 76 W Crystal Lake Ave in Crystal Lake IL 60014. This is only a 15 to 20 minute commute from SOTP. Linda is our contact at Bethany--she has been in charge of that facility for over 25 years and will assign your job. There are 7 churches in McHenry County that provide overnight shelters (rotated Monday through Sunday) from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. A transportation bus is used to commute the homeless between the churches.

Reasons to Volunteer
Add it to resumes or college applications. Earn high school credit. Give back to your community by setting a “Christ-Like” example.

Volunteering tips
Be friendly, but don’t give personal information. Leave personal belongings at home (i.e.; don’t wear expensive jewelry or don’t bring a purse. Leave cell phones in your car at home or in your car.

With the intent to provide our church members with additional information and encourage open dialog, our monthly council report will be posted on our website each month. This document will show minutes of the past council meeting, full financials, attendance charts and various ministry meeting minutes. Check out the June, 2017 Council Report . We've also designed a Document Vault where you can view older church documents and a simple feedback form to share your questions, concerns or comments. Let us know what you’re thinking.